Trials, tired…Perseverance, strength….

When you've gone through the fire and you've come out, it was a time to rejoice! You felt empowered! You were a conquer! You could now face anything and know that no matter what you'd come out rejoicing, empowered a conquer and stronger...but you'd still have to go through the fire to get there. Haven't... Continue Reading →


Work your land…

The pile of laundry is staring back at me. Which one of us will win? I know it needs to be me but right this second? I have other things to do. Mainly, studying my Word. My Word will give me the strength needed to face this laundry build-up that has occurred since that lovely... Continue Reading →

God’s love is true love….

God’s love is an everlasting, flowing fountain. Its flow just can’t be stopped no matter how hard we may try to turn the knob off. And why would we want to turn it off? I mean, don’t we all long for unconditional love? For peace, grace, hope, and joy that flows from love? In the... Continue Reading →

A letter to Lupus!

Dear Lupus First of all I want to say that I don't appreciate you. I don't like to count my spoons. I don't like to cancel my plans. I don't like to miss out on social events. I don't like that my kids have to understand you. I don't like that my husband can't fully... Continue Reading →

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