Turn the light on……

A simple question: "Can you turn the light on so I can see?" This is the question I asked my son. I was extremely sad at that moment and just wanted to read my Bible and pray but I needed the light on so I could see the words. As soon as I said those... Continue Reading →


Give Him your burdens…

The smiles that I smile aren't mine, they are God's. I ask Him to give them to me so that my sadness doesn't try to make a home in me. I ask for His love to pour in me, so that when I encounter others, they feel His love. I for His eyes, so that... Continue Reading →

Work your land…

The pile of laundry is staring back at me. Which one of us will win? I know it needs to be me but right this second? I have other things to do. Mainly, studying my Word. My Word will give me the strength needed to face this laundry build-up that has occurred since that lovely... Continue Reading →

God’s love is true love….

God’s love is an everlasting, flowing fountain. Its flow just can’t be stopped no matter how hard we may try to turn the knob off. And why would we want to turn it off? I mean, don’t we all long for unconditional love? For peace, grace, hope, and joy that flows from love? In the... Continue Reading →

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