Love you…Love you…Love you…God surely does!

Yesterday, my daughter showed me a video from a few years ago, where a woman was fat shaming people. The lady thought she was being funny, but I surely wasn’t laughing. Now, if you know me, you know that I do not like this AT ALL! The woman thought that she was helping “fat people” by saying extremely hurtful things. As I sat watching, I prayed for everyone that had seen this video over the years, those that will see it, and my daughter. Shouldn’t we be uplifting and encouraging each other? Is it okay for one person to define someone and put them down because of the way they look on the outside? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Aren’t we all worthy? YES! I want to share a little bit about me as I prayerfully encourage someone today that may be struggling to love themselves on their journey. Some of you may know a bit about my journey thus far, while others know nothing….bear with me if you have. 🙂

I am almost thirty four years old and I haven’t always loved myself…heck I barely liked myself. I was always asked why I didn’t look like my sisters in some shape, form or fashion. I tried so hard to look like them, to be like them in so many ways, and always came up short. I struggled with thinking that I was fat because I didn’t look like women from television, magazines, at church, on the street…everywhere. I struggled so much that I began having an eating disorder. I didn’t know that it was an eating disorder until I was an adult. I wasn’t able to make myself throw up so I began taking laxatives, yes laxatives. I would take them every day. I worked out daily. I watched what I ate. I refused to be fat. I did everything possible to be super in shape, but I still thought that I was fat. I already had acne, and a thin side of hair….so I couldn’t add to my ugliness by being fat too. Could I?

When I got pregnant shortly before my eighteenth birthday, I didn’t know that my body would change the way that it did. I didn’t get “snatched back”. I got saggy, stretched marked skin. I hated myself! I worked out, ate healthy (if I ate at all), and still nothing. I began taking laxatives again, but still nothing. After two years, I got down to 115 lbs and still didn’t love myself. I wasn’t those beautiful ladies from the television. I settled for less as always because I didn’t think that I deserved more…that led me down a path, that I now can say, I am no longer on. It took me thirty three years, but I am no longer on it. 🙂

I am saying this snippet of my story because I don’t want ANYONE to feel like this EVER! You are beautiful. You are worthy! Walk boldly in your skin. Be your healthiest you and don’t compare yourself to ANYONE. If someone wants to compare you, then walk away, drown them out, tell them they can STOP because you LOVE YOURSELF. If someone isn’t coming from a place of love, then they can kick several rocks.

I do love myself. I am a work in progress. I am not the smallest, or the biggest, and that is just fine by me. I walk confidently in my own skin now. I encourage you to do the same. I know words hurt, but God is there and His words uplift and HEAL! Listen to His voice y’all, it’s the truth. You are beautifully made! I am here for you!

Be encouraged.

Smile and be a blessing!


Jesus loves you and so do I! John 3:16 Romans 12:10


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