When today isn’t a “good” day…and repeat…

The last two weeks have been crazy busy....literally CRAZY! Not only have I had my normal, I decided to add onto it by doing the decorations for my daughter's 15th birthday turn up! Crazy right?! Oh and then my sister Kim's birthday celebration is the night before it! Fun times! And in the midst of... Continue Reading →


Lonely….but not alone….

I'm sitting at the table. Many thoughts are going through my mind. My heart is a bit sad. I feel like I've told y'all my heart has been sad many a times, but hey, I like to keep it real. That brings me to why I opened my laptop and started to type. I was... Continue Reading →

God Is GOOD! Why? Because He is God.

I started out this blog post, going a totally different direction, but as I was almost finished I smiled and said, "God is so good!" I was sad when I began typing. I had been crying, and just wanted to encourage y'all to turn your sadness into gladness. I was looking at some scriptures on... Continue Reading →

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