Not just a crumb…you are God’s child

Have you ever eaten a crumb cake? I mean a moist, delicious crumb cake? The kind that leaves even more crumbs than you started with? You may try to use your fork or finger (if you’re adventurous) to get the smaller crumbs from the plate, but even then you still miss some. And then they seem to become insignificant and even forgettable. Has a person ever made you feel like those insignificant, forgettable crumbs that are just dusted off to the floor? Or more, have you ever felt that way about yourself?

You start out thinking that you are a wonderful being. Did you ever begin to question your value, even though you know that you are wonderfully made? You aren’t alone! I’ve felt like an insignificant crumb many times in my life. But guess what? You are far from insignificant and forgettable because God never ever will forget about you and He made you, so you are SIGNIFICANT! He made you, and He doesn’t forget about His child. He loves you, takes care of you and is equipping you for all that you are to be!

In His Word, there are so many “crumbs” that many didn’t give a second thought about, or didn’t like, or some didn’t think they were big enough crumbs to be used by God. Here are just a few…

Joseph was a crumb to his brothers. They hated him because their father loved him most! They sold him to slavery and lied to their father. But God used this young man for His kingdom! He interrupted dreams for the king and was made second in command to the king! ~Genesis 37-47

David was a crumb to his brothers, the soldiers and to Goliath. They thought he was young, small and couldn’t make a difference in the war. But not only did he defeat Goliath, he would later become king…and an author and songwriter.
~1 Samuel 17

Esther was a crumb to herself. She was a beautiful woman that was made queen. She didn’t think that she could make a difference, but she was bold and obedient. And not only did she stand up, she was able to save her uncle Mordecai from death. Her king loved this ordinary girl that was more than just a beauty! ~Esther 1-10

Boy was a crumb in a crowd of 5,000 men plus women and children. He was just known as boy in the Bible, but this boy had five loaves and two fish. And Jesus touched it, blessed it and broke it and fed all of those people, and there were twelve baskets of leftovers! ~Luke 6:9

I want to let y’all know that you are not a crumb, you are the whole cake because God made you complete! He has equipped you to be the sweetest, most delicious person that can do all things through Christ Jesus! He wants to use every single piece of you. You aren’t a crumb, you are God’s child.

I pray that your heart is encouraged today.

Smile and be a blessing!


If you don’t know the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Savior, all you have to do is believe that Jesus came, died on the cross, and rose on the third day and believe in your heart and you will be saved! I pray that you’ll receive Him and all He has for you today!


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