Some things need to be said once, twice…a lifetime….

I was looking over notes and things that I’ve written and noticed things seem repetitive at times. Then I thought about how I tell my children some of the same things every single day. Things like, you are beautiful, I love you, you are to be kind, obedient and respectful…I know that my children get a bit irked at times because of this but there is purpose behind me repeating myself to them. Sometimes they need that reminder. So then, I got to thinking about how God repeats Himself over and over to me. He does it not only when we are speaking, or through the Holy Spirit speaking to me, but in His Word.

He tells us to praise and worship Him over and over. He tells us about His wonderful amazing grace, over and over. He tells us about love, over and over. He tells us about sacrifices, and offering over and over. He tells us about life in Him, over and over. I could go on and on all day and night about the things He tells us over and over. Why does he do this? I think for several reasons:

1. He knows we are weak.
2. He knows there will be temptations.
3. He knows there will be hard times.
4. He knows that we are imperfect people.
5. He knows that we always need our Father whispering in our ears.
6. He knows we need truth.

I could go on and on with the reasons why, but I think it’s because He loves us that He does it most of all. He wants us to live the best life, a life of abundance. And in order to do that we have to know what He wants us to do and to be every day. I’m glad for the reminders when I read His Word and I talk to Him. Sometimes I say, God I know, but then He shows me something I didn’t know! Because, guess what? I don’t know everything. But I do know that I love Jesus. I love His Word. I love worshipping and praising His name. I love serving people. I love my local church. I love what the Bible says about me. I love his repetitiveness.

Be encouraged today when you read your Word, when you talk with Him and walk with Him to see all that He has for you. Go deeper in Him and thank Him for equipping you with all that you need to live a life of purpose.

Be encouraged.

Smile and be a blessing!



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