God is your smile!

Do you ever walk past people throughout your day and see so many frowns? I mean, their face muscles are working overtime right? Do you ever think, “they are trying to tighten up instead of having botox injections, lol?” Have you ever tried smiling and saying hello to them? Asking them, “How is your day going?” Do you think, wait it’s not my issue? Well, it actually is.

God has called us to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Can you imagine Jesus walking past someone with a frown, without offering at the least a smile to them? An encouraging word? An actual hand to help them? I can’t. Jesus is life and He wants us all to have it and share it. Everyone should be given a smile. God gave us the greatest reason to smile when He gave His only son so that we can have life (John 3:16). If this doesn’t give you a reason to smile, then let’s go a little deeper, yet to some, smaller.

If you are able to read this, that means you can see…so smile. If someone is reading this to you, then you can hear….so smile. If you ate something today, smile. If you drank something today, smile. If you have a roof to sleep under, smile…..For some, these seem like minor things, but they are truly major things. Some people don’t have these things that we often take for granted. If you smile at someone, that gives them a glimmer or a big wide open view of hope. The hope that their is still goodness in the world. A hope that there is something greater ahead for them. A smile can truly brighten someone’s day…but it brightens yours as well. A smile makes you feel so good.

I encourage you today, whether you are having a tough time right now or a great time, to just SMILE. God has you. He loves you and wants you to be happy and to spread that happiness.

Be encouraged.

Smile and be a blessing!



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