Worrying doesn’t add a minute, it takes one away…

As I type this, I am sitting in the waiting room while my son is under anesthesia, having an MRI. I knew today was coming, and I am prayed up...but seeing his little body go limp made my heart ache! As I walked down the hall to the waiting room, I just prayed even more.... Continue Reading →


24 hours…do I have time for this?

Every day we wake up knowing that there are so many hours in a day...24 to be exact. Some of us have a plan for every minute of every hour. While, some just "wing it." And then others plan, but also plan for the unexpected. Something they all have in a common is that they... Continue Reading →

Flip any negative, into a positive…

Many times in life, perhaps for some it's daily, we get a bit discouraged about something or another. We might get discouraged after an argument with our spouse. We might get discouraged because despite our best, our child may be going astray. We might get discouraged because someone on our job is raising hell, and... Continue Reading →

Distracted? Who me?

My daughter is almost fourteen now, and gets distracted...mostly by devices. I can tell her something has to be done, and then come back and it's still not done. What's the normal reason? She gets distracted by something or another. It could be making sure she doesn't mess up her streaks on the snapchat...yes I... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon….

I always get excited when I know that something new is coming. It could be a new store that we were hoping our city would get one day. It could be a new movie that I knew was in the works but now it's finally going to happen. So many things excite us, but yet... Continue Reading →

God is your smile!

Do you ever walk past people throughout your day and see so many frowns? I mean, their face muscles are working overtime right? Do you ever think, "they are trying to tighten up instead of having botox injections, lol?" Have you ever tried smiling and saying hello to them? Asking them, "How is your day... Continue Reading →

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