Invalid? Who me?…nah, I’ve got up!

Have you ever felt invalid? I mean, for real, have you ever, even if for a second felt there was no point to you? Perhaps someone hurt you, or told you that you didn’t have a purpose. Perhaps no matter how hard you try and try it just seems that you always come up short. You may feel that you are missing something that is causing you not to function completely. You may have an illness that’s kicking your butt. If so, you are not alone. If not, I am doing a happy dance of joy right now and praying that you continue to know that you are valid! 🙂 Now back to those that feel that they are invalid. I want to encourage you to know that you are here and you have a purpose!

Now for me, I have felt invalid pretty much for the majority of my life. And I’ve known Jesus for a long time, but yet I still felt a lot of the time that there was no point to me, but when I would feel that way, I would also feel a tugging on me. That tugging was God! Basically, he’d be like, “Nikita, you know good and well that I made you and that you have a great purpose.” I normally would shrug and say something like “I know God, but every time I get to going, so and so or this and that keeps trying to pull me down”. But God just kept on tugging anyway, so that I would never give up and that one day the light bulb would come on and I’d truly believe with all of me that I am valid! Today is that day! 🙂 Now you may be asking aren’t you saved? Didn’t he heal you and fill you? Yes he did save me. And yes I can be healed and filled, but the question was, “Am I allowing him to do it?”

Today I read in John 5:1-14 and it talked about invalid people, in particular it talked about this invalid man. Now I don’t know exactly what was making him invalid, but it didn’t matter to Jesus. He just told the invalid to get up, take his bed and walk! And then he FOUND the man later and told him to sin no more or things could be worse. I was so amazed by this. After all of my years of being an invalid, I read this and was blown away. I mean pure shout mode! This man had been invalid at the pool for 38 years! It just showed me that after all of my years, I was just like that invalid man. I was so close to getting to the water to be healed and walk into my purpose, but just kept getting stepped on. It just took Jesus to tell me to get up, get my stuff and walk!

I want to encourage you to get up, to stay up and to know that you are valid. You may have once been an “invalid” but not anymore. You’ve gotten up. God is right there beside you, even when others may step on you, bump you are try to tear you down. You got this!

Smile and be a blessing



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