The joy of the Lord is my strength….

Man, on a day like today, I especially have to depend on God! Have you ever had a day where you have so many unexpected things pop up that you start feeling overwhelmed?

You start to feel frustrated and even angry. Nothing just seems to be going right. You get a glimpse of hope and then it’s gone. Your smile just can’t manage to stay on your face! You aren’t alone. It sucks! But then you remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength. All you need to do is cast your cares on him…and keep on casting them and walk in joy and peace!

You may cry a little and may even want to yell…and do yell…but may I challenge you to yell out to God? Go to him first each and every time and He will provide you a way out of all your troubles. The showers here and there in your day won’t last, just as the mighty storms won’t either. God will calm them and the peace that is in you will flow longer and stronger. 

Be encouraged

Smile and be a blessing



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