How do I get to know him? 

I’m sitting here, and I’m not feeling my happiest. My mind is everywhere! I feel tears starting to burn in my eyes. My heart is pounding so hard and loud, I can barely stand it! I then do the only thing I know to do: pray. Really, it’s me talking to God. No I’m not on my knees, I’m just sitting and talking to him. 

I just ask him, what am I still missing. Why do I not feel you the way I desire? I think we are closer than ever. All I want is you God! I just want to know you, have you all day, everyday! And then faintly I see it clear as day. It’s still intimacy! If I want it, I have to know so much about him!

I got a paper and pen and started jotting down questions I wanted to ask so I can know him better. So that he and I can be closer than close! Some of the questions are, what are your goals? What makes you happy? Upset? Tell me about your family and friends. But the biggest question for me is: what is he wanting/looking for from me? 

Getting to know God, is the greatest thing I will ever do. The best thing for my life. He is who I want morning, noon and night. He is the light I want to see. The arms I want to hold me. The ears I want to tell everything too! And I want to know him so deeply, and I’m thankful that even though he knows me, he still wants a relationship with me. He hasn’t given up on me. 

I encourage you to know he hasn’t given up on you either. I encourage you to get to know him. He’s pretty awesome and I am excited that I get to spend my life with him. God is good and so is his Word. Through studying his Word and talking to him, you will get to know him.

Matthew 11:28 

Be encouraged.

Smile and be a blessing!



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