Invalid? Who me?…nah, I’ve got up!

Have you ever felt invalid? I mean, for real, have you ever, even if for a second felt there was no point to you? Perhaps someone hurt you, or told you that you didn't have a purpose. Perhaps no matter how hard you try and try it just seems that you always come up short.... Continue Reading →


The joy of the Lord is my strength….

Man, on a day like today, I especially have to depend on God! Have you ever had a day where you have so many unexpected things pop up that you start feeling overwhelmed? You start to feel frustrated and even angry. Nothing just seems to be going right. You get a glimpse of hope and... Continue Reading →

How do I get to know him? 

I'm sitting here, and I'm not feeling my happiest. My mind is everywhere! I feel tears starting to burn in my eyes. My heart is pounding so hard and loud, I can barely stand it! I then do the only thing I know to do: pray. Really, it's me talking to God. No I'm not... Continue Reading →

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