Declutter Part 2

Its been a few weeks since I began this process of decluttering my life. I’ve removed material things, things I set my eyes on and even people. I’ve even removed parts of myself.

Sometimes you can be your biggest obstacle. You hold yourself back because you find so many things within you that block the path you should be going.

Things I’ve done is pray and pray some more and then take the next step and tear down and remove whatever I have let make a pile(s) of clutter in myself.

Forgiving myself fully is the biggest step. Loving myself completely was the next. Christ has given me the strength to do this. He will do the same for you. And afterward remember that everything has its season. It has its own amount of time. Don’t dwell on the bad. Celebrate the good. And above all keep moving forward by faith.

Be encouraged

Smile and be a blessing



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