Declutter…part 1

Clean up this mess! I know I have said this to my children many times. Straighten up, and keep it straight. And sometimes I add, “throw out things you aren’t using…it’s just adding to the chaos.” My oldest will go through her things and normally throw out one or two things. But she always adds, “I still need this or that…I may use them at some point.” Here the thing…she normally doesn’t. And children are not the only ones guilty of this.

Holding on to things can cause major chaos in our lives. It could be something so small as a designer purse you just had to have, but are too scared to wear it out because you fear you may damage or lose it. It could be that old t-shirt that you know is going to come back in style. It could be that person that has truly brought no positive value to your life, but you are holding out hope that one day, they will see the great in you and change. That last one, oh, this one, is the one that cuts to the core.

Why haven’t you found a way to let go. Why do you keep holding on and adding to the clutter. What can fix this? Who can fix this? Start by decluttering your life. There are so many things that we just don’t need but you hold on so tight. What can’t you truly live without? What do you need to hold on to? What truly adds positive value to your life and won’t let you down? GOD.

God makes all things right. He won’t give you more than you can handle. He won’t clutter your life with things that aren’t of the highest value. His love is more than enough. Take his hand, a box, a garbage bag and get ready to declutter your life. It will bring you so much peace.

You may think you need things to make you happy. You may think you need certain people to make you happy. But in truth, God is happiness. He will provide you with all that you need and more. But the key is knowing what he’s providing and what you want to provide for yourself.

I have started decluttering things from my life and already am feeling more peace. I want relationships that are positive. I want joy unspeakable. I want happiness, true happiness. I started by asking myself what is most important to me, why are they important, and do they bring positive value to my life. I then asked what I truly needed to survive. After that I started decluttering. Ask yourself those same questions. Meditate and pray. Next time I am going to tell you my answers and then tell you the steps I’ve started taking.

Be encouraged. Move forward by faith.

Smile and be a blessing.



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