It’s been too long….

I hope all is well with all of you that take the time to check out my blog.

Have you ever heard a friend/family member say these words, “It’s been too long. We can’t go this long without seeing each other”….and then another year or so passes and then it repeats? Why is this? Is it that people are just “too busy “?….I truthfully don’t think so. We may say that there are only so many hours in a day but guess what….there are so many hours in a day! Lol. It’s all about how they are chosen to be used.

Before you speak to someone, ask yourself this simple question: Is this person a top priority to me? If yes, then you definetly have the time for them. If, perhaps, then you still have the time for them. And if, not really, you still have time for them by simply praying for them!

There is someone that is or was a priority to you. Perhaps you stopped being a priority to them, but it’s not an eye for an eye mind-set. Just because they’ve decided to use that, its been too long, lets get together soon but they don’t follow up. That is there loss but you can still gain.

Gain by praying for them, that they can see what’s important in life. Gain by still reaching out through a text, letter, email or even a phone call every now and then. A simple act of kindness to the “oh so busy people” goes a long way. Your gesture can stir up their hearts. I mean, we all have lives that have lots going on in them. Let’s just not become too busy that we don’t keep meaningful relationships.

Love one another. Lift each other up. Be encouraged.

Smile and be a blessing!





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