No time for stressing, you already hold the greatest blessing!

The holidays are among us. The most joyous time of the year. The smells, the foods, the lights, the decorations, family and friends, and the holiday cheer….it’s amazing. But for some, they can’t appreciate any of those things because they are STRESSED out! Stressed mostly about money and how they can afford to buy all the “things” that people so desperately want. Worrying are they going to like it or be mad at me because I just didn’t get the gift quite right. Stressed and sad because they are “alone”.

And year after year we hear it said, “things aren’t what makes the holidays, it’s the people we share them with”…but it is so quickly dismissed as soon as the advertisements are in full speed! If you have children then you may get an earful, hinting notes, and the pleading of why they want this $300 gift so badly. Don’t freak out! Remember what I wrote in the first sentence of this paragraph! It’s about friends, family, and LOVE! If someone, even your child, is upset because they don’t get what they want….OH WELL! Guess what, they will get over it and if not, pray for them and keep it moving.

I have children and I know how hard it is to say no at times. But I also know that it won’t kill them if they don’t get everything or even anything. If you are like me, and you teach your child that love is the most important thing, they will be happy that you all are together and blessed! You’re blessed if you have life. You are blessed to be in your right mind. You are blessed with each other. Some people truly have no one during the holidays. A gift you can give them is prayer, and even lending a helping hand to those in need. Inviting over a friend or family member who truly would be spending the holiday alone. Spread the love.

You shouldn’t stress period, but during this season especially, don’t stress for a single moment. Hold dear to what’s true at heart and what matters! Give if it’s in your heart to give, but the moment you start to feel anxiety about it: STOP! If you know you don’t have it, don’t spend it. Love is free, give that always!

Walk in love, peace, and happiness. Be encouraged!

Smile and Be A Blessing



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