Examples still exist….

Yesterday I was beyond tired and my body was hurting (I seemed to think I was a young basketball player at the YMCA on Saturday, smh). I missed church and decided to just rest for the day…that is until a certain event took place and I decided last minute to go to the special service being held last night. As my children and I left our apartment, a group of teenage boys were cursing as if they didn’t see me standing there. I mean there were so many f-bombs being thrown, I got hit multiple times. I just prayed my two-year old would not repeat what these older boys were saying. As I pulled into the street the boys decided it was a good time to run across the street in front of my car!!! I pulled over so quickly and rolled down my window before I could blink. I began to tell the boys that they were completely disrespectful with their choice of words and also they put themselves in harms way as well as mine and my children.

Some of the teen boys responded respectfully to me and it seemed that what I said struck home with them, while others rolled their eyes and mumbled under their breath. My daughter, who knew some of these teens, didn’t seem to mind that I pulled over and spoke with the teens.  I said what I had to, and proceeded to head to church (which was an amazing service!)

I’m not one to shy away from speaking when someone clearly needs to speak up. I mean, aren’t we here to be examples for one another? To help one another? Especially these young folks out here? We live in a very dark world. A world in which our young people need great men and women of God to rise up and walk the talk they profess. No one is perfect, which thankfully is not a qualification. Simply, pick up his cross (Matthew 16:34), train up a child (Proverbs 22:6), have a cheerful heart (Proverbs 17:22) and above all be the change you want to see! Rise up and take a stand today. Put on his armor and fight the good fight. You aren’t alone. You’re needed and a very valuable instrument in His orchestra, making a difference with each note you play. Be an example 🙂

Smile and be a blessing!



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