Living unhappy is not the way to live…take care of you!

It's okay to take time for yourself. Mental health is so important. Sometimes sadness will grow and grow and no matter how hard you try to brush it under the rug...eventually there is no way you can't trip over the huge hump of mess underneath it. Take care of yourself. Depending on how long you've... Continue Reading →


The scary uncertainty…keep trusting…

Uncertainty is a lot of the time, not a fun thing. There are many things in life that we can never be certain of. We may not know what the outcome will be time after time and it isn't the best feeling. Sometimes it can be a fun, exciting thing as you anticipate what will... Continue Reading →

In the quiet…there is peace…

This post will be short. I had just finished typing this blog post and my computer died! When I turned it back on every word I'd typed was gone! I first was annoyed but then I thought it was pretty funny because the post is about being in the quiet to find my peace....and I... Continue Reading →

Turn down the noise…or cut it off…

There are three very active boys playing with cars, blocks, and super heroes very close to me. They are very loud...and did I mention Sesame Street is also on blast? And every few minutes my daughter is coughing and sniffling as she sits across from me doing some school work. The dog is in her... Continue Reading →

Happiest you…it’s already there…

As I type this post, I am enjoying a delicious glass of wine while I have Lena Horne, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller and many more playing in the background. What a nice ending to this day. I've gotten up and danced around, snapped my fingers, and just enjoyed the music. You see, music... Continue Reading →

Lonely….but not alone….

I'm sitting at the table. Many thoughts are going through my mind. My heart is a bit sad. I feel like I've told y'all my heart has been sad many a times, but hey, I like to keep it real. That brings me to why I opened my laptop and started to type. I was... Continue Reading →

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